ABSolutly Sugarfree – Visualize your ABS underneath the christmas tree

Hanna & Stefanie say HalloDSC_5459_wSteffi

We created this ABSolutely Sugarfree Challenge to encourage you bringing out the best version of yourself. Make the last time of this year to your strongest one.

We just want you to start with a single picture in your head what it feels like to reach your goals after our three months challenge.
Nail it, feel it and start working with us together.

We belief in the huge power of our community. Together we are so much stronger. Since we’re part of a huge CrossFit Community in Graz we’ve learnt the support of a community and can fully guarantee that you will feel the same during our challenge time. Starting together, working out together, motivating and inspiring each other can bring your daily fitness to a new level.

Fall in love with fitness but more fall in love with yourself.
Give it a try and join us for our heart beating ABSolutely Sugarfree Challenge.
You are stronger than you think and get what you focus on.

Hanna & Stefanie

01/10 – 24/12



3 Months Core Workout Plan

Every week you will receive a full workout plan for your core to feel your ABS a little more every day. Sounds amazing?


Professional Tips & Tricks For Your Nutrition

Get inspired by recipes, facts about healty food, tips and tricks for your daily life to create your new lifestyle. Are you excited?


Great Impact Of Our Community

We strongly believe in the power of our community to stay motivated reaching our goal together. Do you also want to feel our group dynamic?


No Artificial Sugar For 3 Months 

You will feel a huge difference by stop eating artificial sugar products during our challenge. You want to know what it feels like?













During your Challenge you will get….

85 Core Workouts

 15-20 minute daily workouts will guide you through your week

45 Nutrition Tips

Get professional nutrition Tips from Care4Food by Hanna Genser, BSc. 

Cheating Days

To get save through our well known christmas time

Yes, of course ABS🙂

We are really excited about the results of your great work

Join us now!

Be part of the ultimate ABSolutely Sugarfree Challenge.

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